*NEW!* Golf Guide On How To Improve Your Golf Scores

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*NEW!* Golf Guide On How To Improve Your Golf Scores


Remember what it was like the first time you picked up a golf club?

The first time you took a swing at a golf ball?

Chances are, if youre like me it was at a driving range. What a fantastic

Where else can you go and let our your frustrations, by swinging a club at
a ball and driving it 200 yards downrange, and have a ton of fun at the
same time?

Thats what getting started with golf was like for me. I went to the driving
range two to three times a week and spent hours just having fun. I wasnt
thinking about what club I was using, what the best approach to the green
would be, or trying to read the green to make birdie with one putt.

I was having a blast smashing that little white ball and driving it as far as
I could.

Then I got the idea that it would be a great time walking all over golf
courses chasing that little white ball and trying to put it into a small cup.

It sure wasnt just taking a whack anymore. Now it was about strategy
and scores. Now it was about choosing which number club to use. What
approach do I take in reading my next putt?

I love golf, but it was more like operating a business than spending time
playing my favorite sport.

Decisions, strategies, trying to think two strokes ahead.... it was work. I
wasnt relaxed. I didnt feel refreshed after each round. I even started
struggling with my scores. Instead of making par or under most of the
time, I started finishing with ten to fifteen strokes over.


But, then I started learning a few things. I started to learn how to get
back my joy and lose those extra strokes off my game.

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